Information for and about Local Bands

For Bands - Our organization is a great place to share your music, advertise, and sell tickets to your shows

Most of our group communication takes place on facebook, through our facebook group. This is a great place to advertise and sell tickets. We have a large community and it's pretty much guaranteed that several people in this group will want to attend your shows. The discussion boards on our facebook group are a great place to list your band's upcoming events. Feel free to post your shows on the wall, add it to our concert list google doc, or create a discussion topic to collect responses for ticket requests. Just don't spam is all we ask. Band members are welcome to attend our meetings (although if you aren't students, give us a heads up that you plan on attending). In the past, bands have used our facebook group to connect with potential ticket buyers and post information about their shows, and we definitely encourage this!

Anyone in a band, looking to start a band, or interested in finding out more about local metal bands should check out the Northwest Metal Alliance

About Bands - Some information about local bands that have been involved with our club